Better Life Project is a company that I co-founded with a best friend from high school, Natasha Nesrine. Better Life Project's mission is to empower individuals in all walks of life to achieve their day-to-day, weekly, yearly, and lifetime goals through a game-changing combination of tools.

In establishing this company with Natasha, my role was designing the brand identity from the ground up, along with all marketing materials, the website and our main product, the Better Life Planner — a day planner that's designed to take your life to the next level through goal setting, positivity and reflection.

During my time with the business, we launched three versions of the Better Life Planner, attended various speaking engagements and workshops, and held a successful Kickstarter campaign!

The Better Life Planner is beautifully designed and organized, providing you the tools to accomplish almost 2000 goals within the year and capture 365 things that you're grateful for. 
Establish your 5 main goals for the year, why you want to accomplish these goals, and then break them down into attainable mini-goals on the monthly and weekly spreads. Turn your New Years resolutions into real, attainable commitments!
The Better Life Planner includes space for Daily Gratitudes, as well as weekly inspirational quotes, to keep you inspired every day and rewire your brain to stay positive!

Start each day on the right foot with this inspirational mantra.

The Better Life Project website features an organized layout with pops of the brand colours against clean, white backgrounds. Letting the products speak for themselves is key.

Achieving your goals shouldn't be boring. We made the website light and fun with unique calls to action like "I want a Better Life" and "Coach me," alongside friendly icons.

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